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Developing a Safety Plan for Your Surveying Team

surveyor first aid kit

In the majority of developed countries around the world, construction is one of the most dangerous industries in which an individual can work. The injury and fatality rates are fairly high and risks are present on nearly every job site. While you may or may not consider yourself a construction worker, as a surveyor you are placed in very similar situations. Whether it’s a busy highway, curvy mountain road, construction zone, mine, or any other highly-traversed area, risk is always right around the corner.


What Is Equitable Title and When Would I Need It?

questions about equitable title

If you aren’t an attorney or real estate professional, the terminology and language surrounding property transfers and land ownership can seem confusing. But thankfully, there are resources and professionals available to explain these baffling terms and strange processes. One such term is “equitable title.”

7 Reasons You Might Need to Locate Assets

locating assets

Being able to locate assets is an important skill to have. There are literally hundreds of circumstances in which it can benefit you to find hidden assets, and you’ll want to know how to do so before you are actually in a situation that requires this action.

Surveyors, How Do You Know Maps Are Accurate?

map accuracy

As a land surveyor, accuracy is extremely important. After all, a lack of precision can be extremely costly and painstaking to correct. But, how do you know your maps are accurate and up to date? Do you always check data and measurements, or do you trust them as they are?


Take Your Genealogy Search to the Next Level

family tree

There is something incredibly interesting and rewarding about conducting a genealogy search. It allows you to get in touch with your past, encounter stories you never knew existed, and preserve history for future generations. With the rise of the internet, genealogy searches have never been easier. New resources, tools, and technologies are surfacing, and the capabilities and possibilities are seemingly endless. Why not start searching?

What Determines Property Tax?

property taxes

While most people despise property taxes, it can sometimes be helpful to do a little in-depth studying. This at least gives you an understanding of how property taxes are determined and why they are levied.

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Texas Land Records

texas land records

While Texas land records may seem like an ordinary thing, they actually have a fairly extraordinary background. Their history is as rich and deep as any state in this country and provides an interesting look at how records are compiled, where they came from, and where we are headed.

How Are Title Insurance Rates Determined and How Can You Save?

title insurance rates

If you are looking into purchasing a piece of land or property, you should be considering title insurance as a form of protection against your purchase. While the seller may verbally tell you he/she has the right to convey the property, there could be defects in the title, fraud, liens, or errors missed during the title search. Wishes You a Happy Independence Day!

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Surveying Techniques: Then and Now Part 2

gps mapping for surveyors

Previously, the history of surveying techniques and instruments, from ancient civilizations to the 19th century, were explored as they relate to the evolution of the profession. Beginning in the 20th century, surveying technology advanced at a rapid rate, resulting in an improved ability to accurately map land and greater insight into the possibilities available with better technology.

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