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Downloading and Emailing Real Property Documents From

texas courthouse documents was created to empower members to locate and utilize documents and records from 131 counties throughout Texas. All types of county records are included in our electronic database, which is one of the most comprehensive collections of real property documents in Texas. Our website offers several ways to search and locate documents. The instructions below will maximize the search results retrieved on Following these steps will explain how to search, download and email images.

Navigating’s Texas Data Coverage

texas data coverage’s Texas Data Coverage is one of the most comprehensive resources for document research in the entire state. With a wealth of image documents, grantor/grantee records, and more, our goal is to simplify the research process for professionals of the energy, oil and gas, engineering, legal, land research and financial industries. Learning to navigate our Texas Data Coverage will enhance research efficiency while providing access to the largest collection of property documents in the state.

Top 5 Topics Discussed During Our Grantor Grantee Index 101 Webinar


Earlier this summer, conducted an informational webinar about grantor/grantee index essentials. During this session, our team covered the significance of these indexes and showed clients how to use the features of our website efficiently. Because it has been a while since we last discussed grantor/grantee indexes, we think it would be good to review the highlights as a refresher.

Realtors: Finalize Deals With These Must Have Apps


It’s practically impossible to remain unchanged in the fast -evolving partnership of business and technology. From social media campaigns to company app development, nearly every business has adapted to technology changes in some capacity and the benefits from technology are endless for many different professions.


3 Surveying Events to Attend in 2014 and 2015

surveyor events in 2014 and 2015

Attending events with other experts in the industry is important in all fields. The same is true for surveyors. Learning from others creates new business opportunities and sometimes reveals more efficient practices you can adopt.


The Landman's Guide to Surviving Long Trips to the Courthouse

landman trips to the courthouse

If you’re like most landmen, you spend a long time on the road traveling between courthouses and job sites. Sometimes these trips are right around the corner, but often they require cross-state or cross-country drives. When on an extended trip to the courthouse, are you able to stay safe and occupied? To get the information you need, it’s important to keep an eye out for safety and make the most out of time on the road.

5 Steps to Getting Real Estate Client Referrals

real estate referrals

Gaining new customers in the real estate business is a challenging process requiring expert skills and strategies to successfully reach sales goals. One of the most reliable ways to close deals since the recession has been through word-of-mouth referrals. Whether clients post on social media or physically hand a friend their realtor’s business card, this method is one of the best ways to build a loyal clientele base. Learning to create a sustainable referral process is crucial toward the longevity of any real estate agent.


5 Smart Apps Every Surveyor Should Download

Genius Scan

A mobile device is powerful tool for many purposes. With many different apps and capabilities, a smart phone can serve a multitude of functions for various professions. From helping people maintain better health to helping sports enthusiasts and physical fitness buffs stay on track apps have revolutionized the way we stay organized and focused.


Can You Probate a Will By Yourself?

probating a will

While hiring a lawyer is always a wise decision for any legal matter, handling a probate without a lawyer is possible in the right circumstances. The combination of a large estate and a variety of assets often creates a need for legal assistance, but simple estates can be managed independent from a lawyer with the right research and enough patience.

A Visual Evolution of the American Landman

evolution of the oil and gas landman

When looking at the world today, it’s hard to imagine a time when cars were scarce, technology was limited, and the majority of products were made by hand. Prior to the American industrial revolution, a world without instant gratification was the norm and the progression of commerce was slow. But thanks to the brave and intelligent landmen in the mid-19th century, America quickly progressed into a prosperous and rapidly developing nation.

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