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What is the Difference between Easement and Right of Way?

easements and right of way

Easements and rights-of-way included on a deed can limit the ability to work on land owned by a private party. These items can remain on a deed in perpetuity unless both parties agree to have it removed. For this reason, locating them on a deed is necessary before moving forward with a project. Understanding the difference between the two is an essential first step for landmen, oil and gas companies, title companies and any other entity that may need access to land.

What is a Plat Map? The Basics You Should Know

plat maps

A plat map is a guide to a tract of surveyed land. Created and maintained by licensed surveyors, plat maps are a helpful blueprint of detailed property information. For land professionals, real estate agents, and oil and gas companies, plat maps of an area of interest are valuable because they offer precise information.


What Does a Field Right-of-Way Agent Do?

right of way agent

A field right-of-way agent is a valuable asset for inspectors, oil and gas companies, construction crews and anyone else that needs to work on land property. The main purpose of a field right-of-way agent is to secure property rights on behalf of third parties, such as government agencies or private businesses. However, the scope of a field right-of-way agent’s work cannot be summarized in one sentence. Among other tasks, field right-of-way agents perform the following duties.

Social Media Tools Even Oil and Gas Professionals Can Use!

describe the image

Social media is a powerful tool for any industry, but is sadly underused by oil and gas professionals. One reason for this may be the assumption that social media is simply for shopping and socializing; this couldn’t be further from the truth. B2B companies are using social media to heighten brand awareness, provide thought leadership, and reach out to other businesses in related industries provided they follow social media best practices.

The History of GIS


GIS (geospatial information system), with roots in traditional cartography, has become a useful tool for mapping and evaluating an area of land. Unlike cartography, GIS presents data in a way that can be analyzed and argued so intelligent decisions about property can be made. Believe it or not, GIS didn’t arise as technology began to blossom. Instead, a primitive version of GIS has been around since the 1800s.


What Certifications Do Landmen Need?

how to become a certified landman

To ensure the highest level of qualification, professional landmen can attain three different levels of certification, as established by the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL). Since its establishment in 1956, the AAPL has worked to preserve high standards of performance for industry professionals and promote responsible stewardship of mineral and energy resources. Currently the organization counts 17,000 landmen and land related professionals as memebers in its 46 affiliated local associations. Aspiring landmen can acquire the following certifications before being recognized as industry-leading professionals.

The AAPL Standards of Practice: A Summary


The American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) sets forth high expectations for land professionals. From rigorous ethical and performance standards, the AAPL created its guidelines to advise landmen in all professional situations, all fifteen of which are summarized here.

5 Common Title Issues You Might Face

common title issues

Everyone knows that humans are prone to error. Where property titles are concerned, there are numerous ways mistakes can happen, both intentional and unintentional. As a real estate agent, oil or gas company representative, or anyone with interest in a specific property, existing title issues can manifest, leading to project disruption, litigation and frustration for everyone involved. Though there are many others, here are the five common title issues that could be a cause for concern.

Using Public Records to Research Your Genealogy

researching genealogy

Researching your family’s heritage feels like an adventure. From tracking marriages and relationships to births and deaths, you’re able to better understand where you came from and your family’s unique story of survival. Though there are popular websites that claim to help individuals trace their family trees, much of the content is often user-generated and, therefore, incorrect. To get the most accurate information about your genealogy, the best place to look is public records.

What is Leasehold Interest?

leasehold interest

Verifying levels of ownership is essential before moving forward with new projects or proposed changes to existing ownership. Oil, gas and title companies, along with professionals in the credit and banking industries, need to review existing documents carefully to realistically forecast future revenues and losses.

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