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Can I Find Historical Divorce Records?


Many people contact court house record reporting services to find historical divorce records within their family lineage. When searching for family ancestry, it's common for people to want to know if and when divorces occurred in the past. Surprisingly, a lot of people believe that the "olden days" were simpler times, when this is not necessarily the case. Since the beginning of marriage traditions, there has also been a history of unhappy marriages, often times kept secret. Divorces have been going on for hundreds of years, with or without family and public knowledge.

Escrow Controls

Escrow Controls

Not so long ago, escrow controls were largely a matter of personal preference. If you produced a monthly reconciliation of your accounts, you were more than doing your job. Those days are fading – very rapidly – but not all companies are keeping up with the pace of change.

Defining an Eminent Domain Attorney

Defining an Eminent Domain Attorney

An eminent domain attorney represents owners of private property who are faced with an acquisition of that property by the government under the very broad umbrella of eminent domain. 

How to Effectively Translate Records in Another Language

translating public records

When it comes to looking up official legal paperwork filed in Texas, many of the older documents may be written in Spanish. If you come across a patent, land grant or other piece of documentation while going through an old records, it may be written in another language. You will need to translate it to find out what information it contains.

Owner's Title Insurance - What You Need To Know

Are you covered?

Title insurance is different from other insurance. It is the only kind of insurance that protects you from things that have happened in the past. Title problems, if bad enough, can cause as much chaos as a category five hurricane! Without insurance, a buyer is risking what’s often the biggest financial investment of his or her life. Owner’s title insurance takes a great deal of that risk off the table.

Evaluating an Easement: The Basics

ID 10076070

When a landowner enters into an easement agreement and gives up some of the rights to his land, the documentation can be confusing and filled with difficult-to-understand legalese. To help cut through some of the confusion, we’ve come up with some basic tips for understanding and evaluating an easement.

NPI and Data Insecurity

NPI and Data Insecurity

Does a day go by when a major corporation doesn’t announce that its defenses have failed and that its store of customer information is now in unknown hands? If you’re in the title industry, the question of data insecurity can lead to sleepless nights.

What Happens If Fraudulent Records Are Filed at the Courthouse?

fradulent courthouse documents

Filing fraudulent documents at the courthouse is both unethical and illegal, but it’s a crime that dishonest people get away with. If never discovered, erroneous files passed on as fact at a courthouse can alter the future of land management. The act is considered fraud, and anyone found aiding and abetting the passing of false documents may spend time in prison and be required to pay a fine. They will also be unable to prepare or submit such documentation to the court ever again.

Private Investigators: Four Tips on Finding People Using Public Records

private investigator records

Private investigators (PIs) regularly use public records to find preliminary information on people. In some cases, public records are the easiest way to locate an individual and will be the first step a PI takes in his research. Sometimes, public records and other easily gathered information is all that is required from a private investigator.

What is a Mechanic's Lien?

mechanics lien

A mechanic’s lien is available for anyone who provides services or supplies during the course of construction or repair on a property. A lien is simply a legally binding agreement that ensures anyone covered by the lien is paid in the event that the project starter cannot pay. In a mechanic’s lien, laborers and suppliers are ensured payment through the lien.

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