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Owner's Title Insurance - What You Need To Know

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Title insurance is different from other insurance. It is the only kind of insurance that protects you from things that have happened in the past. Title problems, if bad enough, can cause as much chaos as a category five hurricane! Without insurance, a buyer is risking what’s often the biggest financial investment of his or her life. Owner’s title insurance takes a great deal of that risk off the table.

Evaluating an Easement: The Basics

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When a landowner enters into an easement agreement and gives up some of the rights to his land, the documentation can be confusing and filled with difficult-to-understand legalese. To help cut through some of the confusion, we’ve come up with some basic tips for understanding and evaluating an easement.

NPI and Data Insecurity

NPI and Data Insecurity

Does a day go by when a major corporation doesn’t announce that its defenses have failed and that its store of customer information is now in unknown hands? If you’re in the title industry, the question of data insecurity can lead to sleepless nights.

What Happens If Fraudulent Records Are Filed at the Courthouse?

fradulent courthouse documents

Filing fraudulent documents at the courthouse is both unethical and illegal, but it’s a crime that dishonest people get away with. If never discovered, erroneous files passed on as fact at a courthouse can alter the future of land management. The act is considered fraud, and anyone found aiding and abetting the passing of false documents may spend time in prison and be required to pay a fine. They will also be unable to prepare or submit such documentation to the court ever again.

Private Investigators: Four Tips on Finding People Using Public Records

private investigator records

Private investigators (PIs) regularly use public records to find preliminary information on people. In some cases, public records are the easiest way to locate an individual and will be the first step a PI takes in his research. Sometimes, public records and other easily gathered information is all that is required from a private investigator.

What is a Mechanic's Lien?

mechanics lien

A mechanic’s lien is available for anyone who provides services or supplies during the course of construction or repair on a property. A lien is simply a legally binding agreement that ensures anyone covered by the lien is paid in the event that the project starter cannot pay. In a mechanic’s lien, laborers and suppliers are ensured payment through the lien.


The Guide to Locating Heirs in Texas

Heir Blog

Unless a family is exceptionally good at keeping track of relatives, locating heirs and beneficiaries for a recently deceased family member's estate can be a time consuming and difficult task. Sometimes a death is sudden or extenuating circumstances leave the contents of a will outdated. Whoever is appointed as the personal representative for the decedent’s estate will have the task of making a reasonable effort to locate beneficiaries. Here is a guide for helping you begin your search for an heir.

Three Ways to Save During a Slow Oil Season

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Last summer, crude oil prices plummeted. In response, the number of rig counts fell, and analysts are fiercely debating how low prices will go, for how long and to what degree production should be altered. For landmen and other industry professionals, the external impacts are less important than continuing to receive steady work. Luckily, there are a few good ways to save money during the temporary drop in oil prices that does not include temporary layoffs.

County Clerk Office Glossary: Terms You Need to Know

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You know what information you need, but sometimes the terminology used to find public records can make it difficult to ask for or find what you’re looking for. Without an understanding of the terms used by the office, your search may be extended and unnecessarily frustrating. To get you started, we’ve provided some commonly confused terms that reference documents held at the office. 

Property Rights and Responsibilities

Property Rights and Responsibilities

Those who live near or above a pipeline know well the impact such an installation can have on their land. If a pipeline company should approach you requesting the use of your property, you need to understand your rights as well as your responsibilities.

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